Make sure the Ride Right vest or protection device you have selected has been designed for your size.
Severe body injuries, including paralysis or death may occur despite the use of a vest or any other device. No Body Protector can prevent against spinal injuries, Commotio Cordis (sudden disturbance of heart rhythm) or crushing injuries that may occur in motocross activities. No Body Protector can prevent against injuries that result from severe torsion, flexion or extension of the body that may occur while participating in motocross / dirt bike activities. For maximum performance, the vest must be sized and fitted to match the person for which it is to be worn. The vest or protection device must be adjusted so as to remain securely in position when adjusted for the proper fit. The vest or device must be inspected regularly before and after each ride and it must be free from breaks, rips , tears and all closures must function properly. If the product shows signs of damage, or if the condition is in doubt, it should be replaced or refurbished.

Johnny Munoz-
After seeing the MotoXvest in action this weekend, I bought one on the spot. I have been interested in vest-type products for a while, but never saw one that was right for me. Many of the other vests I've seen look like something my kid should wear when he is on water skis. However, when you get the MotoXvest in your hands, you can see and feel the quality. I was thoroughly impressed by the product and am convinced it will make my kid safer. Purchasing one was an easy decision for me.

JD (owner of King Cobra of Texas)-
After this weekend at the Oak Hill Ponca qualifier, I would say this vest has spoken! My son Hunter rarely takes soil samples, but while racing this weekend, he tossed it hard. He pulled a major lawn dart and the bike came over to finish him off. I have no doubt that, had Hunter been wearing his old chest protector, he would have had a broken collarbone or shoulder blade. Hunter wears knee braces and a Leatt; all of these cost a pretty penny, but all have saved Hunter from a evac ride or worse. The vest did the same. After Hunter's crash, I know of three dads that saw how well the vest worked for us and all three had vests on their kids the next day. Proof enough for me
Jimmy Taylor-
I am 14 years old and have been wearing the MotoXvest for about 3 months now and love it. I have worn some other vests in the past and the MotoXvest is the best I’ve worn so far. I wore the MotoArmor vest for about a year and they were really hot and stained really easily too. The MotoXvest is not hot at all and does not stain easily. It fits really well with a Leatt and you can't even tell you have it on! I have owned two MotoArmor vests and they would last about 6 months before the velcro would start to rip. The MotoXvest uses a zipper that is much better than the velcro on other vests. I really like wearing the MotoXvest and recommend it. It may be a little more expensive, but I assure you it is well worth the money.

Michael Carter-
We shattered a Thor Sentinel with a handlebar at Ponca. It was two weeks to heal and we've been wearing a MotoXvest almost every day since. He's worn it in hot weather and chilly weather and doesn't notice it. It's held up well. After every ride, it is scrubbed and power washed. It air dries all night to do it again. The zipper is industrial strength and the whole vest seems well made. Fortunately, we haven't tested it yet with a handlebar. However, it covers a lot more surface area than any other chest protector we've had. I recommend trying one
Tim and Stephanie Armel
I wanted to pass along our sincere thanks for the Moto X Vest product as it saved our son’s life this weekend. On 11 June 2011 we were at a South OK track practicing for a race the next day. During an open practice our 10 year old son, who is only 65 lbs and rides a KX-65, was landed on by a prominent pro rider on accident riding a 250. Our son had taken a jump and was on the back side when the 250 also took the jump and saw our son while in the air. He did everything he could do to not hit our son but unfortunately there was nothing he could do and got him in the back and both were tangled on the track. Our son’s bike was trashed and the wreck even broke his neck brace as the 250 went across his chest when he was rolled.
The great news is our son is okay and only has a few scraps on his arm and walked away a very lucky boy and did not even cry. Everyone has credited his MINOR injuries to the fact of him wearing his Moto X Vest and not some imitation. I know for a fact if it was not for the Moto X Vest and the rest of his safety gear we would have most defiantly been in the hospital instead of being able to race on Sunday with tire marks an all still on the vest.
We are living proof why people need to buy the real thing because by the time you figure out the cheaper ones don’t work it is too late and the damage is already done. The Moto X Vest is the real deal and is worth every penny because it works. We will never trust our son’s safety to anything else but a Moto X Vest because we value our son’s safety and we are not willing to chance anything else and gamble on his life.
Again, thank you and rest assured our son thanks you because he can continue to ride.
Sincere Thanks
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